Presidency Announces Rollout of 2,700 CNG Buses, Tricycles by May 18

In a significant move towards sustainable transportation, the Presidency has unveiled plans to launch approximately 2,700 Compressed Natural Gas-powered buses and tricycles before May 29, coinciding with President Bola Tinubu’s one-year anniversary in office.

The federal government aims to establish 100 conversion workshops and 60 refuelling sites across 18 states by the end of 2024, signaling a strategic shift towards cleaner energy solutions.

Mr. Bayo Onanuga, the Special Adviser to the President on Information and Strategy, disclosed this in a statement titled ‘Presidential CNG Initiative Set for Rollout,’ emphasizing Nigeria’s commitment to adopting environmentally friendly mass transit options.

“With the deployment of these CNG vehicles, Nigeria will take significant steps towards aligning with nations that have already embraced large fleets of eco-friendly vehicles,” stated Onanuga.

Highlighting the timeline, he revealed that around 2,500 CNG tricycles will be ready before May 29, with plans to deliver an additional 200 units by the anniversary date.

The initiative, launched in October 2023, aims to provide cheaper, safer, and greener energy alternatives, particularly for mass transit. With a budget of N100 billion, part of a larger palliative budget, the government is set to procure 5,500 CNG vehicles, along with electric buses and conversion kits.

Collaborating with the private sector, the initiative also involves establishing refuelling and conversion centers nationwide. The involvement of key industry players like NIPCO, BOVAS, and MRS underscores the comprehensive approach towards infrastructure development.

Moreover, the initiative emphasizes safety standards and regulations, ensuring that CNG conversions are carried out reliably. Tax and duty waivers, approved in December 2023, further incentivize private sector investment in the initiative, with over $50 million already invested.

Looking ahead, the initiative targets the sale of subsidized conversion kits for petrol-powered vehicles, with the aim of transitioning more vehicles to CNG propulsion.

As part of the broader strategy, the NNPC Limited is also poised to join the initiative, signaling a unified effort towards achieving a cleaner and more sustainable transportation ecosystem.

With a commitment to transparency and accountability, the Presidential CNG Initiative plans to launch the MYCNG.NG App, facilitating easy access to CNG conversion and refuelling sites nationwide.

In conclusion, the statement reiterated the importance of private sector collaboration and underscored the pivotal role of various stakeholders, including transport unions and downstream players, in realizing the vision of a million gas-powered vehicles on Nigerian roads by 2027.

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