PPC Advocates Energy Efficiency In Building Projects

PPC Limited, Nigeria’s leading engineering and infrastructure development company, has reiterated its commitment to reducing carbon emission in Nigeria’s construction industry through the implementation of energy efficient initiatives in its building projects.

The Head of Building Services Engineering (BSE) at PPC Limited, Mr Anand Kumar, made this known in Lagos while speaking on how the construction industry can contribute to the attainment of net-zero carbon emission goals.

Extensive research has shown that buildings generate nearly 40 percent of annual global CO2 emissions and out of this fraction, building operations are responsible for 28 percent annually, while building materials and construction are responsible for 11 percent annually.

He stated that stakeholders executing various projects can play their part in the reduction of carbon footprint in the country through the adoption of energy efficient construction practices that have proven to reduce electricity usage and carbon emissions. 

Kumar explained that one way to reduce electricity demand is to install building management controls that can adjust electricity usage according to occupancy patterns, detect faulty equipment and diagnose installation problems.

He explained that HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) equipment retrofits can be used to improve indoor air quality and save energy in old buildings that require upgrade.

Kumar said, “We are committed to finding innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions in our construction projects and are actively pursuing energy efficiency initiatives to achieve this goal.

“Engineers need to come onboard the zero emission goal by designing and constructing buildings that are operated to reduce energy consumption at affordable cost while delivering long-term cost savings. With modernized building automation systems, building owners can experience automated operation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning while maximizing energy efficiency.

He advised facility managers to have a proper understanding of the options available for reducing carbon footprints, which is more crucial than ever given the current energy crisis and accelerating climate change.

PPC is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of construction projects by driving continuous energy improvement in building operations with the view to reducing carbon emissions and creating a more sustainable future.

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