Pan-Atlantic University Hosts Inaugural Media Roundtable On Navigating Media And Trust In The Digital Era

On September 28, 2023, Pan-Atlantic University (PAU) took a momentous step in advancing the discourse on contemporary media by hosting its inaugural Media Roundtable. This pioneering event centred around the theme of “Navigating Media and Trust in the Digital Era.”

The event showcased a panel of media experts who shared insightful perspectives on how digital advancements are altering the media industry.

At the centre of the event were vibrant discussions on trust, credibility, and the impact of digital technology on the media industry. The panelists, who were experts in their respective fields, shared their insights on the crucial role of the media in shaping public opinion and promoting informed and responsible conversations.

The esteemed panelists who graced the event included: Adesuwa Onyenokwe, David Hundeyin, Rufai Oseni, Kenneth Igbomor, and Joseph Edgar.

Adesuwa Onyenokwe is an esteemed TV host and media personality known for her engaging and thought-provoking programmes.

David Hundeyin is an acclaimed investigative journalist renowned for his fearless pursuit of truth and accountability.

Rufai Oseni is a distinguished Arise TV host, celebrated for his incisive interviews and insightful analysis.

Kenneth Igbomor is the market editor for West Africa at CNBC Africa. He has knowledge of digital platforms, offering a global perspective on the evolving media landscape and its impact on business and society.

Joseph Edgar is a visionary media and theatre producer whose creative endeavours continue to captivate audiences and drive cultural conversations.

These notables took turns sharing their varied experiences and viewpoints on how media organisations can uphold trust and integrity in a time of widespread digital disruption. Discussions delved into the challenges of combating misinformation, the critical role of ethical journalism in preserving trust, and the opportunities presented by emerging technologies.

Onyinyechi Ekumankama and Titilayo Oyinsan co-hosted the event and skillfully moderated the proceedings, providing participants with profound insights into modern media.

In her opening address, Prof. Enase Ekenedo, the Vice-Chancellor of Pan-Atlantic University, underscored the institution’s unwavering commitment to fostering critical discourse and advancing knowledge in the media domain.

This groundbreaking media roundtable at Pan-Atlantic University served as a platform for meaningful dialogue, enriching participants with a deeper understanding of the challenges and responsibilities facing the media industry in the digital age. Attendees left inspired and equipped to contribute to the ongoing evolution of trustworthy, and impactful journalism.

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