OrderPaper Unveils Insightful Policy Review on Nigeria’s 10th National Assembly

OrderPaper, Nigeria’s foremost independent parliamentary monitoring organisation and policy think tank that bridges the gap between people and parliament, is thrilled to announce the release of its highly anticipated Quarterly Policy Review (QPR) for Quarter 4, 2023, titled “A Peep into Nigeria’s Tenth National Assembly.”

This comprehensive resource delves into the key legislative developments, policy decisions, and impactful events that have shaped Nigeria’s legislative landscape during the final quarter of 2023 with a specific focus on the 10th National Assembly!

As the nation grapples with diverse governance challenges and opportunities, “A Peep into Nigeria’s Tenth National Assembly” provides an expository perspective on the intricate workings of the newly formed legislative machinery.

Speaking on the release, Mr. Oke Epia, Founder and Executive Director, OrderPaper Nigeria, recommended the QPR to everyone everywhere. He said: “We are pleased to present the culmination of our extensive research and analysis on the 10th assembly of Nigeria. This Quarterly Policy Review (QPR) reflects our commitment to fostering informed and productive discourse around the legislature and shaping evidence-based policies for the benefit of citizens whether individual or corporate.

“As Nigeria navigates the dynamic landscape of governance under the nascent President Bola Tinubu administration and the new 10th National Assembly, we have offered this unique knowledge product as our modest contribution to democratic strengthening. The didactic contents and deeply insightful perspectives of this work will benefit all stakeholders of the democratic project, including policymakers, business leaders, development partners, civil society leaders, and citizens alike. Friends of Nigeria at home and abroad, who have interest in the affairs of the country and are desirous of a compact guide to understand and interface with the Legislature and the general policy-making landscape, will find this work an immensely useful companion.”

Key Highlights of QPR, Q4 2023

Below are some key highlights of this QPR:

Leadership composition: This work details the composition of the leadership of the tenth National Assembly, from the Senate to the House of Representatives, including the majority and minority caucuses.

Legislative milestones: This work presents significant resolutions and other legislative initiatives that have been deliberated and enacted so far to give valuable insights into the nation’s evolving legislative landscape.

Political Dynamics: This knowledge product provides a nuanced understanding of the political dynamics within the tenth National Assembly, shedding light on the partisan structures, alliances, and external forces that shape the work and outputs of the assembly.

GESI Analysis: The QPR offers an in-depth analysis of the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) mix of the tenth National Assembly showing female and youth representation in graphic details.

Emerging Trends: Users of this work will uncover the emerging trends and dynamics within the tenth National Assembly, shedding light on the direction of Nigeria’s legislative agenda.

Future Outlook: “A Peep into Nigeria’s Tenth National Assembly” doesn’t just review the past; it also offers insights into the anticipated trajectory of the assembly.

About OrderPaper Nigeria

OrderPaper Nigeria is the country’s foremost independent parliamentary monitoring organisation and policy think tank that bridges the gap between people and parliament. Our vision is to be the most authoritative organisation of choice and reference for parliamentary reporting, advocacy, and public policy advisory in Africa. Our mission is to provide simple and reliable parliamentary data that empowers citizens to take action and enable informed decision-making by public and private entities.

OrderPaper is the convener and secretariat of the Nigeria Network of Parliamentary Monitoring Organisations (NNPMOs). As a public trust, OrderPaper Nigeria serves as a trusted resource hub for policymakers, analysts, and citizens alike.

About the QPR Series

The Quarterly Policy Review (QPR) is an OrderPaper specialised knowledge product produced every quarter to focus on sector-specific governance and policy issues.

It serves as an indispensable resource for policymakers, business leaders, academics, civil society, development partners, and citizens interested in understanding and engaging with Nigeria’s policy ecosystem.
It is the leading resource for in-depth policy analysis and legislative tracking providing unparalleled insights into Nigeria’s governance, legislative processes, and socio-political developments.

To access and download the full Q4, 2023 QPR on Nigeria’s 10th National Assembly for FREE, visit https://orderpaper.ng/a-peep-into-nigerias-10th-assembly/

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