NRC Launches Railway Advertising Platform

To promote visibility for brands within the train and around train stations, the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC), in collaboration with B2YB, an advisory and consultancy firm, has launched its advertising platform.

The NRC authorized B2YB to manage the commercial utilisation of its assets within and around railway terminals, on coaches and on the right of way.

In a joint statement, NRC and B2YB described the advertising platform as the easiest, fastest and most effective way brands can reach out to their target audience.

The statement added, “Railway advertisement platform is a fairly unique way through which brands can achieve very high visibility in a considerably short time.

“Railway advertisement is also known as train station advertising or rail advertising. Railway advertisement platform is the perfect way to attract the attention of commuters who travel by trains on daily basis across city.”

The Director, Operations, NRC, Mr Niyi Alli spoke at the official launch, in which he noted that operations had commenced at the Abuja-Kaduna, Warri-Itakpe and Lagos-Ibadan rail lines.

He said, “All these infrastructure and train services that have commenced have led to additional opportunities; one of those opportunities is why we are here today, and that is the opportunity to advertise products and services at our stations.

“Currently, nationwide, we have 15,000 to 20,000 passengers per day on those three lines. The target is to move that figure up to 100,000 passengers as we increase the number of trips we can do that.

“Nigeria Railway Corporation aims at reducing traffic on the road because the passenger rate is growing, so this is an avenue to reduce passengers stress.”

The Managing Director, B2YB, Mr Temitope Ayanbade, commented, “B2YB is a young brand helping brands to connect with their consumers. The excitement is that it can never be overemphasised that presently, Nigeria railway can be likened to what we have in the advanced western world like the US, UK and Dubai and we are very excited about what is happening now.”

According to him, there are enormous opportunities for brands who take advantage of the advertising platform.

“Advertising is a game of numbers; we want to tap into where the eyeballs are. There is immerse opportunities for brands to come and leverage numbers that we have here,” he added.

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