NNPC Destroys 82 Illegal Oil Refineries in One Week

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPCL) announced on Tuesday that it had discovered and dismantled 82 illegal refineries in the Niger Delta region between February 10 and 15, 2024.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the NNPCL disclosed that it had recorded a total of 223 incidents reported by various sources during the past week.

According to a brief video presentation, an illicit oil pit, directly connected to a crude oil source, was uncovered in Okrika, Rivers State, with multiple pipelines feeding crude oil into the pit.

“Twenty illegal connections were detected across various locations in Rivers, Bayelsa, and Delta States. Additionally, a cluster of illegal refineries was found in different parts of Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, and Abia States,” the NNPCL revealed.

The statement further highlighted the discovery of numerous illegal storage sites across the Niger Delta, along with the recovery of sacks and containers containing stolen crude oil in Rivers and Edo States. Instances of vandalized wellheads and pipelines were also reported in Rivers and Bayelsa States, alongside the arrest of 13 vehicles transporting crude oil in Warri, Delta State.

Moreover, the NNPCL disclosed the apprehension of 83 wooden and fiber boats ferrying stolen crude oil in Rivers State.

The incidents were reported to have occurred in various regions of the Niger Delta, with eight incidents in deep blue waters, 32 in the western region, 123 in the central region, and 60 in the eastern part of the delta.

The NNPCL reported the arrest of 52 suspects linked to the incidents recorded during the past week.

Despite ongoing efforts by both private entities and the government to combat oil theft, the frequency of such incidents continues to rise, contributing to Nigeria’s declining daily oil production.

The NNPC vowed to persist in its efforts to eradicate oil theft and pipeline vandalism across the country.

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