NIN-SIM Linkage: NIMC Hits 89m Enrolments

In the current countrywide National Identity Number enrolment, according to Aliyu Aziz, Director General of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), 89 million people have been registered so far.

At a press conference held on Thursday to mark the 4th Identity Day, which will be observed on September 16 in Abuja, the DG revealed this. Comparing the figure to the seven million he encountered when he took office in 2015, he claimed that it represented an increase of 82 million.

He also noted that the commission was currently partnering with traditional institutions and their leaders to reach out to the grassroots people who were yet to be enrolled.

Aziz said, “The 89 million are the mainstream people. There are all the local people in the market, villages, nooks and crannies that have not been enrolled. So, we are partnering with the traditional institutions.

“We will be partnering with them throughout the year so that we can go to the nooks and crannies to enroll more people.”

Earlier in May, the NIMC had said that the commission’s database was at 80 per cent of its capacity with over 80 million unique NINs issued, stressing the need to upgrade it.

This means that the database is currently at 89 per cent capacity. During the press conference, he noted that the Commission was in the process of upgrading the database.


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