NIN Enrolments Reach 82.74m As Lagos State Tops List

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The cumulative enrolment figures for the National Identification Number (NIN), recorded by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) as of May 2022, reached a high peak of 82,738,152, up from 78 million recorded in March 2022.

Out of the current figure of 82.74 million, Lagos State tops the list of the 36 states with 9.48 million enrolments, followed by Kano State with 6.93 million enrolments and Kaduna with 4.85 million enrolments. Ogun State, fourth on the list, has a 3.45 million enrolment figure, while Oyo State, fifth on the list, has a 3.39 million enrolment figure. The Bayelsa States recorded the least enrolment figure of 541,516 among the states, while the cumulative enrolment from Nigerians in the diaspora was 176,895.

Analysis of numbers obtained from the official website of NIMC showed a close gender distribution of enrolment, with males recording 46.56 million and females recording 36.17 million enrolments nationwide.

The statistics further showed that North-west recorded 25.68 per cent in the enrolment figure, North-east recorded 12.31 per cent, while North-central recorded 16.76 per cent. South-west recorded 24.99 per cent, South-south recorded 11.56 per cent, while South-east recorded 8.48 per cent. Those in diaspora recorded 0.21 per cent.

According to the statistics, the top ten NIN enrolment states as of May 26, 2022, include Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Ogun, Oyo, Federal Capital Territory Abuja, Katsina, Rivers, Delta and Niger states.

The breakdown shows that Lagos State has 9,487,186 enrolments, with 4,293,989 females and 5,193197 males. Kano State has 6,929,287 enrolments, with 2,918,373 females and 4,010,914 males. Kaduna State has 4,851,793 enrolments, with 2,143,684 females and 2,708,109 males. Ogun State has 3,448,222 enrolments, with 1,648,688 females and 1,799,534 males. Oyo State has 3,388,963 enrolments, with 1,619,521 females and 1,769,442 males. Federal Capital Abuja has 3,022,809 enrolments, with 1,271,505 females and 1,751,304 males. Katsina State has 2,653,563 enrolments, with 1,061,479 females and 1,592,084 males. Rivers State has 2,523,712 enrolments, with 1,114,924 females and 1,408,788 males. Delta State has 2,250,218 enrolments, with 1,054,451 females and 1,195,767 males. Niger State has 2,147,100 enrolments, with 820,286 females and 1,326,814 males.

The statistics also showed the bottom ten states for NIN enrolment as of May 26, 2022, to include: Akwa-Ibom, Imo, Enugu, Zamfara, Yobe, Taraba, Cross River, Ekiti, Ebonyi and Bayelsa states.

The breakdown shows that Akwa-Ibom State has 1,462,559 enrolments, with 686,473 females and 776,086 males. Imo State has 1,408,571 enrolments, with 690,859 females and 717,712 males. Enugu State has 1,369,433 enrolments, with 678,356 females and 691,077 males. Zamfara State has 1,349,946 enrolments, with 525,028 females and 824,918 males. Yobe State has 1,216,125 enrolments, with 429,998 females and 786,127 males. Taraba State has 1,207,416 enrolments, with 471,196 females and 736,220 males. Cross River has 935,544 enrolments, with 416,317 females and 519,227 males. Ekiti State has 915,982 enrolments, with 468,164 females and 447,818 males. Ebony State has 670,403 enrolments, with 299,112 females and 371,291 males. Bayelsa State has 541,516 enrolments, with 248,081 females and 293,435 males.

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