Nigerian Childrens Future Brighter With Education Loans- Tinubu

2023 Budget: FG Allocates ₦470bn To Education Sector, Lecturers' Salary Increase

The Students’ Loans Re-enactment Bill, according to President Bola Tinubu, has paved the way to lift Nigerian children out of poverty, meaning their future is brighter.

This was stated by the President during his Wednesday evening Iftar reception in Abuja for members of the Independent Campaign Council (ICC) and the APC Presidential Campaign Council (PCC).

The only weapon against poverty is knowledge. I signed the Students’ Loan Scheme bill today. Consider the underprivileged youngsters; what about the individuals who fish in the ponds and wade through the mud?

How do you assure their kids that things will get better in the future? We can only combat poverty by educating people. Our children have a bright future ahead of them, the president declared.

Tinubu also used the occasion to reassure Nigerians that the economy was being steered to the path of sustainable growth and broad-based prosperity for Nigerian families.

“The economy is looking much better. Yes, we have challenges with inflation, but we will bring it down.

”When the exchange rate was going haywire, it looked like we were asleep, but we worked on it diligently, and it is going down; it is getting better.

“Borrowing was higher a year ago, but today, we are reengineering the financial landscape, and our revenue is expanding. And we are taking up our sovereignty and earning our respect back in the comity of nations,” Tinubu said.

He acknowledged the contributions of the members of the PCC and ICC toward his election in February 2023.

“It is your footwork and footprints that made me the President. I campaigned on hope, and you promised Nigerians hope and a good result when campaigning for me.

“There are a lot of expectations. I, therefore, have to work hard for it. There is a windy road we are traveling on. We have to navigate carefully. Otherwise, one ends up in the bush, and that is all I have been focused on.

“It is your effort, resourcefulness, and dedication that has brought us here. The results will not come suddenly, you have endured the campaign, you must endure more, and I assure you that a very bright light beckons for you and your children.

“Nigeria will prosper, and we will all reap the benefits. We will work with determination and persistence,” he said.

Tinubu urged the citizens to continue to have faith in Nigeria by supporting his administration to succeed for the benefit of all.

He said, “Europe and America did not get to where they are today in one day, but through persistence and hard work, which takes time and consistent focus.” Naira Steadies as Banks Issue Update on FX Purchase

Vice-President Kashim Shettima, Senate President Godswill Akpabio, Director-General of the defunct PCC, Sen. Simon Lalong, and the Director-General of the defunct ICC, in their various remarks, thanked the supporters for their perseverance.

They assured them that the president had not forgotten their invaluable efforts and he would not disappoint them.

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