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N-Power Transition: “It’s Never Easy To Survive Joblessly In Nigeria”, Ex-Beneficiary Begs FG

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As the wait continues for many exited N-Power beneficiaries for their transitions, civil rights activist and ex-beneficiary, Mustapha Kabir Soron Dinki has urged the Federal government to look in the directions of those who have been left with no jobs after their exit from the scheme.

According to him, it is very hard to survive in the country without having any means of income and it is very important for “the children of the poor to continue earning a living”,

Dinki made this known in a Facebook post he shared on The Youths-4-Change Network’s platform on Wednesday as he laments how the Coronavirus pandemic has had a greater effect on the ex-beneficiaries.

“it is never easy to survive joblessly in the third world country like Nigeria.”

“The entire life is about problems and solutions. However, our ability to propose solutions to our problems is what differentiates us from brutal animals, Dinki wrote.

“Therefore, we try in our own ways to draw Government’s attention towards the promised transition plan for the children of poor to continue earning a living.

“As I often say, it’s never easy to survive joblessly in the 3rd world country like Nigeria.”

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‘You won’t understand what happened to N-Power beneficiaries until it happens to you’
“The N-Power beneficiaries of the country were receiving stipends for selling their service to Government.

“Now the business has stopped in a dire and volatile condition caused by coronavirus pandemic.

“This is a reality and experimental, but you won’t understand it until it happens to you.

“It’s not easy to graduate from a typical Nigerian university and stay jobless for years while you’re 30 or 35 by age.

“For that, we expect Federal Government to do the needful. God bless Nigeria.

“May we see the best.”



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