Lots Of Employment Opportunities In Moringa Farming

Lots Of Employment Opportunities In Moringa Farming

The Managing Director, Eden Moringa, Michael Ashimashiga, shared the economic benefits of moringa farming, adding that poverty could be effectively addressed, as employment opportunities were abundant.

He shared this with journalists during the unveiling of E-Moringa products in Abuja.

He said, “These products are among the best in their category. We are very much committed to best quality because we know we are dealing with human health.

“Our factory here needs at least two million farmers to feed it with raw material. If we can get two million people properly engaged in moringa farming, this country will be saying goodbye to unemployment and poverty.

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“I can assure you that cultivating one plot of moringa is like cultivating 20 plots of rice because what one plot of moringa will give you, 20 plots of rice will never give you that.

“For instance, one plot of moringa gives you N50,000 every month, one hectare will give you N500,000 every month.

“How many hectares of rice can you cultivate to generate N500,000 every month for life?”

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