Light Up Your Day With Pure Bliss Millionaire Promo

Light Up Your Day With Pure Bliss Millionaire Promo

Are you ready to light up your day? Pure bliss has an amazing promo that will light up day, imagine wining ₦1 million and airtime!!!

Amazing right? Don’t worry this deal is sure to reward all, Pure bliss has assured that its consumers will be rewarded for their loyalty.

The campaign, ‘Pure Bliss Millionaire Promo’, will see 60 millionaires emerge in 60 days, with an additional 30 million naira worth of Airtime to be won.

Imagine satisfying your cravings and wining big?! This amazing promo is designed to bring joy, thrill, and incredible opportunities straight to your doorstep.

Pure bliss through its promo will be rewarding 60 people with ₦1 million each, in total that is ₦60 million up for grabs. Airtime will also be awarded to 300,000 people.

So, if you’re looking to add some excitement and thrill to your day, don’t miss out on the “Pure Bliss Millionaire Promo”! Keep an eye out for the special packaging and inspect it well. Who knows, you could might just pick the biggest prize.

Would be great right? Buying a product and getting in return ₦1 millionaire or airtime.

You too can win by following the steps below

  1. Buy any Millionaire Promo pack of Pure Bliss Milk Cookies, Milk Cream Wafers, Choco Cookies & Chocolate Cream Wafers.
  2. Do not throw the wrapper away! Look inside the wrapper, your gift awaits you through the code printed inside of the wrapper.
  3. Once you see the 7-digit alphanumeric unique code send it (the code) to 8011 using the format: PUREBLISS <SPACE> 1234567 <SPACE> LOCATION, e.g. PUREBLISS 1234567 LAGOS. 
  4. Once you send the code, you will receive an SMS from 8011, with the prize you’ve won either ₦100 Airtime or ₦1 million.

If you are wondering if the promo is real, trust me it is, each code guarantees a prize. Authorities such as Lagos Office, Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) and National Lottery Regulatory Commission have verified the promo and winners will be announced every week while airtime winners will be credited immediately.

Remember to purchase any of Pure Bliss Milk Cookies 27g & 50g, Pure Bliss Choco Cookies 50g, Pure Bliss Milk Cream Wafers 16g & 30g and Pure Bliss Chocolate Cream Wafers 30g to win your prize.

You too can win ₦1 million! Light up your day with Pure Bliss Millionaire Promo!

The promo started on June 2023 and will end on July 31st, 2023, be sure to grab your package and send the code before the promo ends!


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