Joeboy, Black Sherif Joins YouTube’s Global Foundry Class of 2022

Joeboy, Black Sherif Joins YouTube’s Global Foundry Class of 2022

YouTube Music has announced the Foundry Class of 2022, made up of 30 independent artists representing 15 countries from across the globe. The announcement was made on Tuesday, 26th July 2022.

Black Sherif and Joeboy joins the class of 2022 which features artists at all stages of their career from different genres across the world in what is the biggest class yet.

The Foundry program which is aimed at assisting the artists build sustainable careers on their own terms was created in 2015 and has so far supported 250 independent artists.

Nigerian Alumni of the program includes Rema and Tems who were recognized for their storytelling, innovative approach to music and viewed as the next generation entertainers.

The 2022 Foundry Class reinforces YouTube’s commitment to supporting Sub-Saharan artists as next generation global music stars; playing a part in developing individual talent in the region. The Foundry program ensures that artists can be independent and still have a successful career in music with the support of platforms like YouTube and this year will power two programs, the Foundry Class of 2022 and the independent release support.

Speaking on his inclusion in the program, Joeboy said, “Being an independent artist simply requires me to be at the center of all of my dealings as a creative. Aside from creating the music, I have to carry out due diligence to make sure I am making the right decisions every now and then.”

Commenting on the program launch, SSA YouTube Music Lead, Addy Awofisayo commented: “We believe that lowering the barrier to entry that unlocks opportunities for music artists to create and connect with a global audience is crucial. But beyond that, Foundry will assist the music artists participants in navigating a new increasingly digital industry as they connect with fans and generate revenue.”

Foundry is designed for independent artists who have a vision for their own success and to help them navigate the demands of today’s music industry. YouTube provides partner strategy support, marketing promotion, and seed funding for content development that can be used for experimenting with new music to diversifying video creation formats.

“Success as an independent artist is connecting with one more person on any level through my music. Once that is constantly achieved, in my opinion, everything else will follow. Being a Foundry artist for me means a strong global platform with support to visually take my expression to the next level and reach more people in the process,” Ghanaian fast-rising music star Black Sherif revealed while speaking about being part of the program.

Below is the full list of the Foundry Class of 2022:

Amari’ NoelleUnited States
Ashley Cooke United States
BabyTronUnited States
BIBISouth Korea
Black SherifGhana
Bruses Mexico
Danielle PonderUnited States
French The KidUnited Kingdom
Genesis OwusuAustralia
Haru Nemuri Japan
Joeboy Nigeria
Kader Diaby 4RealFrance
Kaike Brazil
Magdalena BayUnited States
MehroUnited States
Noor Chahal India
ObongjayarUnited Kingdom
Roxane Bruneau Canada
Snow Tha ProductUnited States
Sudan ArchivesUnited States
ThuyUnited States
TSHA United Kingdom
Yoss BonesMexico

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