‘More Job Opportunities Accessible In Water and Sanitation Sector’

The minister of water resources, Engr. Suleiman Adamu, has hinted that the challenges created by lack of access to water and sanitation present job opportunities for the water and sanitation sectors. He stated that these untapped opportunities have rekindled the ministry’s interest in instituting a seamless mechanism for main-streaming the water and sanitation sector in the country’s economic process.

Adamu stated that the ministry is already working out new nationwide water and sanitation programme that will be partly private sector driven, adding that there will be a need for proper training of the youths on water and sanitation in the bid to ensure that they participate in activities concerning the sector.

“Every region and state in Nigeria has abundant potentials for creating sustainable jobs in the water and sanitation sector in the water and sanitation sector in the country. We shall map these opportunities and come up with a roadmap for exploring them. We shall also work with other key government ministers and organs with a view to making this initiative sustainable and multi-sectoral,” he explained.


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