Jingle All the Way With Verve, Enjoying The GoodLife This Christmas!

The excitement of the most magical time of the year is here and it is bursting with gifts from the stables of Verve. It is the season to spread love, and Verve is turning up the merriments this holiday with the Verve GoodLife Promo 4.0, showering Verve cardholders with a dazzling array of rewards ranging from; Free Fuel, Free Electricity Payment, N200K Shopping Spree, Free Rent Support, Free School Fees and 10% off all movie tickets across all Filmhouse Cinemas. It’s really a season to be merry.

The Verve GoodLife Promo 4.0 has been the reward that keeps giving! And the party doesn’t stop until January 31, 2024. Picture this: a festive fiesta where your Verve card transforms into a magic wand, conjuring up surprises and joy at every transaction!

Whether you are hitting up ATMs, point-of-sale (POS) terminals, or conquering the online shopping world, every swipe brings you closer to the holiday jackpot as a Verve cardholder.

The mission of Verve GoodLife Promo 4.0 goes beyond providing seamless and safe payment solutions; it’s a mission to transform lives and make every moment count.

Chidi Oluaoha, Divisional Head, Growth Marketing Paytoken & Inclusio Interswitch Group shared that this season, Verve is on a mission to spread love, enabling cardholders to truly live the good life. He has urged all Verve cardholders to dive into the festivities, transact with their Verve cards, and watch the magic unfold.

For Verve cardholders, now’s the perfect moment to swipe your way into happiness and win big this cheerful season!

If you’re still without a Verve card, you’re missing out on the holiday party of the year. Don’t miss out on all the freebies up for grabs – dash to your respective bank, request a Verve card, and start enjoying the Christmas you deserve.

May your Christmas be Merry, Bright, and filled with the Verve GoodLife magic!

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