Japanese Billionaire Mikitani Donates $8.7m To Ukraine

Japanese Billionaire Mikitani Donates $8.7m To Ukraine

Japanese billionaire, Hiroshi Mikitani has donated a whooping sum of $8.7 million to Ukraine, as the country continues to face attacks from Russia.

Describing the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a challenge to democracy, the founder of e-commerce giant Rakuten, in a letter he addressed to the country’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, disclosed his intention to donate the millions of dollars.

He, however, told the President that would go towards “humanitarian activities to help people in Ukraine who are victims of the violence.”

Revealing that the last time he visited Ukraine was in 2019 when he also met with Zelensky, Mikitani said: “My thoughts are with you and Ukraine people.

“I believe that the trampling of a peaceful and democratic Ukraine by unjustified force is a challenge to democracy.

“I sincerely hope that Russia and Ukraine can resolve this issue peacefully and that Ukraine people can have peace again as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to intensify, Bitcoin, which is unarguably the world’s largest cryptocurrency, dropped in value as it recorded a loss of $33.19 billion in market capitalisation.

Bitcoin recorded the loss, as its trading slipped to $35,000 in the wake of the ongoing war between the two countries.

On Wednesday, February 23, 2022, Bitcoin had a market capitalisation valued at $707.39 billion and closed trading at $37,296.57 in unit price. However, as at 3:04 pm on Thursday, February 24, the cryptocurrency’s market capitalisation fell to $674.19 billion and was traded at $35,549.04.

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