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Investment Opportunities That You Can Embark On In 2022

Major Investment Risks; Here's Why 2021 Could be a Year of Massive Opportunity

2022 is about to enter the next quarter of the year, and many people are busy mapping out their investment plans. Unfortunately, there are not many viable investment options, no thanks to the adverse effects of the pandemic, which continues to pressure most economies in Africa.

If you are looking for how to make money without working or still save money in an investment platform for the future, here are five investment platforms that you can make money on and still use as savings platforms

Invest in African tech startups

It is obvious that they are burgeoning right now. And there is no better time to position your investments to grow with them than right now. So, if you are still thinking of where to invest, think of African tech startups, particularly the fintech ones in Lagos, Cape Town, and Nairobi. They are doing amazingly well. Foreign investors know this, so they pumped in nearly $5 billion in African tech last year.

Invest in Bonds and Treasury Bills

This have always been the go-to investment options for most African entrepreneurs due to their low-risk and high rewards nature. So you can invest in your series one savings bonds, treasury bills, corporate bonds, etc.

Invest in the stock markets

Investing in African bank stocks, That’s something you should consider doing. There are nearly 30 stock exchanges across the continent. And they all have some high-performing stocks listed on them. So, buy shares in African companies. Buy bank shares, telecom shares, and of course, the shares of cement companies.

Invest in crypto-assets and NFTs

Cryptocurrency has become a major investment option for most people around Africa and elsewhere. Note, however, that while these assets can make you a lot of money, they are also very high-risk in nature. So it would be best if you were very careful with them. Olumide advised that “crypto-assets (including NFTs) have a reputation for exponential growth. But you should limit your exposure to them because of their inherent risk and pending regulations.

Invest in Agriculture

Another easy investment you could make is agriculture. Humans will always need food. So, any business specializing in food production is guaranteed to make returns. So, consider investing in agriculture directly or through companies specializing in that, preferably Agritech startups.

As you go about your investments this new year, it’s important to reiterate that you should avoid putting all your money in high-risk assets such as crypto and Forex. It can be tempting to do this due to the potential for huge returns.

Unfortunately, the risks are real. Instead, spread out your portfolios such that you have a few stocks, a few bonds, a little bit of crypto/Forex, a little bit of a high-yield savings plan, etc. If something negative should happen to one asset class, you have something to fall back on.

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