Intel: Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City Introduce Immersive 360-degree Video coverage

Arsenal Liverpool Manchester city introduce immerse video

Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool have partnered with Intel to allow their fans to relive matches from every single angle in a pioneering move for immersive football experiences.

The Premier League trio have entered in to partnership with Intel’s True View software, which allows users the chance to get so far immersed into match coverage they can actually see what the players on the pitch are looking at.

Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool have joined up with Intel True View to launch groundbreaking

Thrity-eight cameras are positioned around the stadium to catch the action

Every second of a game can be viewed in Matrix-style 360 degree which the clubs hope will provide even greater possibilities for their fans across the world to get closer to the stars.

The deal struck by City, Arsenal and Liverpool means they will also provide the stunning new footage to Sky and BT Sport when they are covering matches at their stadiums to help with their live analysis.

The software is so good that replays can be frozen in time, spun around and scrolled to achieve the perfect angle to see if offside and penalty decisions are correct.

And the clubs also hope they can utilise their footage to help their managers take their coaching sessions to a whole new level.

Fans and coaches can now get to see exactly what a player does at key moments in Premier League games

A laser wall can also be generated at an exact point to potentially show whether an offside decision was right or wrong

Intel are in the process of installing 38 separate 5k cameras – four times the quality of HD – at the Etihad, Emirates and Anfield along with kilometres of fibre-optic cable.

Next month they will then begin to provide their groundbreaking new footage to each of the clubs to use both for their own coaching needs and also to share among supporters across their websites and digital channels.

It means the days of the traditional frozen-frame replays are set to become a thing of the past for match analysis on television and at the training ground.

And for supporters, they will be able to decide to assume the viewpoint of players during matches by seeing exactly what they could at any moment of a game.

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