inDrive Invests To Boost Driver Safety In Kenya

InDrive Holds Public Screening Of Its Documentary

In a move that demonstrates its unwavering commitment to enhancing safety for urban mobility in Kenya, inDrive has made a significant investment of nearly half a million Kenyan shillings.

This dedicated fund was channelled towards the distribution of safety helmets and jackets for its drivers, aiming to ensure a more secure riding experience for both drivers.

The distribution was met with overwhelming appreciation. Numerous drivers vocalized their gratitude for the proactive gesture, noting that such measures not only enhance their safety but also instill greater confidence.

This initiative is part of a larger strategy where inDrive, a leading global mobility and urban services platform, has unveiled its Safety Pact.

This pact has been designed not just as a testament to inDrive’s dedication towards safety, but also as a comprehensive guideline for both passengers and drivers. With this, inDrive is taking a proactive approach to promote and ingrain safe riding habits across its user base.

The Safety Pact serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it introduces dedicated features that users can leverage for a more secure ride-hailing experience. Secondly, it provides an extensive list of safety tips along with a code of conduct. This ensures that every journey taken using the inDrive platform is not just comfortable but also rooted in best safety practices.

Godfrey Mabula, inDrive’s Business Representative in Kenya said “Our investment in safety gear and the introduction of the Safety Pact is a testament to our commitment. We encourage every passenger and driver to opt into the pact. This will foster an environment of mutual respect and promote secure practices for each trip.”

As urban mobility continues to evolve in Kenya, inDrive remains at the forefront, championing initiatives that prioritize the safety of its users. The company remains steadfast in its mission to make ride-hailing safer, more efficient, and accessible for everyone in Kenya and beyond.


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