Ibadan DisCo Announces Relaunch Of MAPS

Ibadan DisCo Announces Relaunch Of MAPS

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) Plc has announced the relaunch of the meter asset provider scheme (MAPS) as part of efforts to make certain that the meter rollout across its franchise.

The Chief Operating Officer OF IBEDC, John Ayodele, made the statement in Ibadan on Wednesday at a roadshow hosted by the company.

Ayodele was represented at the event by Peter Oni, the company’s head of strategy.

The meter asset provider policy came into force in 2018 as an interventionist programme by the federal government to allow third parties to close the metering gap for electricity consumers.

Speaking on the development, Ayodele said the meter rollout would commence immediately, following the directive given by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to give customers the choice to purchase meters.

“We are officially announcing the restoration of the Meter Asset Provider Scheme for customers who are in urgent need of meters and are willing to pay for them,” he said.

He noted that a single-phase metre is priced at N63,061.32 while a three-phase metre is priced at N117,910.69.
He stated there were no charges or processing fees.

He stated that customers would receive a refund of the cost of the meter through an equal instalment of energy credit whenever they vend for 36 months.

Ayodele said customers could register for MAP meters online or visit any of IBEDC’s offices, after which a unique ID would be generated for a technical evaluation of the customer’s premises.

Once the technical evaluation is successful, he added that payment can be made at any bank branch, and the customer will get the meter within ten working days after payment.

He noted that the prices of these meters are as determined and authorized by NERC.

“IBEDC has secured the services of the following MAP vendors to meter allocated parts of our franchise, namely Mojec International Limited for customers in Ogun State, Protogy Global Service for customers in Oyo State, Integrated Resources Limited (IRL) for customers in Osun State and finally CWG Plc will supply meters to customers in Kwara State,” he said.

“Customers should not pay to anyone to avoid being scammed, and please note, no application or processing fees required.”

He urged customers to take advantage of the scheme to avoid estimated billing.

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