How To Make Money From Ginger Farming

How To Make Money From Ginger Farming

Ginger is one of the most profitable agricultural businesses in Nigeria and around the world. It is safe to say that ginger is a product that is used and bought on a daily basis.

Ginger can be consumed raw, blended, in powder form, in foods and even in smoothies. In our previous post, we talked about the amazing benefits of ginger, the benefits are without a doubt mouth watering and enough reasons why you should use ginger if you do not.

Did you know that you can make money from ginger farming? Either you have a land to farm or you want to plant it in your house, harvetsing ginger is possible.

Planting ginger

Ginger is a tropical plant that will grow year-round if you’re in a warm environment. In cooler climates, ginger should be planted in a flower pot that can be brought inside during the cold months. The plant will take eight to ten months to reach maturity.

When to Harvest Ginger

Make sure that the plant is fuly grown before you harvest it, this should take about eight to ten months. This means that if you plant it in the February, it should be ready to harvest by September or October. The longer you wait to harvest your ginger root, the stronger it will taste.

How to Grow Ginger

To grow ginger either for personal use or for business follow these steps:

Get/Buy ginger root

To grow the most common variety of ginger—which is Zingiber officinale—you can simply buy ginger root from the sellers or a shop that has natural spices.

When choosing a ginger root to plant, look for roots that are plump and young. Any growth buds on the tips of the root—called the eyes—are a plus, as they are already beginning to grow.

Cut your ginger

You can plant an entire ginger root for one plant or cut it up to plant multiple. Simply cut your ginger into fragments, and allow it to sit out for a day to become dry and form a callus. Make sure that each piece you plant has an eye—which are the nodes at the ends of the plant—so that it will sprout properly.

Prepare the soil for planting

Get the appropraite soil from an agricultural shop for your ginger. You want to plant your ginger in well-draining soil to prevent rot.

Choose a location

Ginger thrives in partial shade with only about two to five hours of sun a day. Take that into account if you’re planting your ginger outdoors. If you are planting your ginger in a pot, use a plastic pot at least 12 inches deep. If you’re in a warm climate, you’ll be able to grow your ginger year-round. If you’re in a cold climate with harsh winters, plant it in a pot so that you can move the ginger indoors in the winter.

Plant your ginger

Bury your ginger roots two to four inches below the soil at least eight inches apart. If you’re planting ginger in a pot, plant only one piece of ginger because it will need plenty of space. If any of the roots are sprouting, plant so that the buds are pointing upwards.

Water your ginger

Water your ginger directly after you plant it. Continue to keep your soil moist but not saturated, watering it until just before the soil dries out.

Remember that if you do not have a famr, you can do this in your garden or a dedicated space at your house.

Making money

Here’s how to make money after harvesting your ginger:

Wholesale and Retail sale

Market and sale your products in large and smaller bits to food vendors, smoothie makers, ginger sellers, supermarkets, shopping malls and ither important places where ginger should be.


Have you tried ginger with your smoothie? It has a heavenly taste and provides nutrients. You can make money by selling fresh ginger to fuit vendors and smoothie sellers. Even barttenders/mixologists make use of ginger.

Ginger roots

You can make money selling ginger roots.

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