How To Immigrate To The United Kingdom- 5 Easiest Steps

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As a result of economic growth, work opportunities, and social benefits, Great Britain has become a top destination country for most people worldwide.

But, if you are planning to move to the UK, there are some essential factors you need to consider. For one, you need a UK visa if you want to stay longer than six months. Another critical factor to keep in mind is that some migration routes are more complex than others.

For example, one of the easiest ways to move to the UK is to apply for a work visa, and for that, you need to meet the qualifying criteria. How to Move to the UK? To move to the UK, you can apply for a long-term work visa by following these steps:

Find Employment

You should have a job or a work offer in the UK before you plan to move so you can apply for your work visa. If you are interested in a sponsored-based visa, you have to ensure that your employer will sponsor you for a permit.

Find the Correct Visa Type

Depending on your skills and the type of work you are looking for in the UK, there are several options for immigration. So, please make sure you explore all visa options to see which one fits your profile the best.

A few of the most common work visa types include an Innovator visa or a start-up visa, A Skilled-worker visa, International sportsperson visa.
You have to make sure that the type of visa you apply for has a route for permanent residence.

Apply for the Visa

Once you know which visa you want to apply for, you must prepare your documents and submit your visa application. Usually, you have to apply for a visa at a local representative office and wait for a decision. The visa application process may take a few weeks up to months- it depends on what type of visa you applied for.

Move to the UK

If your application is successful, the visa office will send you an email or letter with the decision and details of what happens next. In addition, you will receive a sticker on your passport known as a “vignette” that will show details of your immigration status, such as the visa type, the validity of your visa, and so on.

Once you enter the UK, you have to collect your biometric residence permit (BRP) at the post office (if you applied outside of the UK). You can use your BRP as identification and proof of the right to live and work in the UK. If you use the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check” app to identify yourself, you won’t receive a “vignette” or BRP; you use online verification.

Get an Indefinite Leave to Remain

After you have lived in the UK for five years with your work visa, you can get your Indefinite Leave to Remain (Permanent Residence). Your ILR allows you to live in the UK without limitations, and then if you qualify, you can apply for citizenship. You can also get your ILR if you have one of the following visas: Turkish Worker visa, Turkish Businessperson visa.

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