How Prembly Powers 3MTT: Enabling Nigeria’s Economic Growth And Acceleration

The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, has launched a training program known as the “3 Million Technical Talent Program (3MTT).”

This is aligned with the government’s goal of creating two million digital jobs by 2025, and this initiative is dedicated to equipping participants with a comprehensive set of twelve essential technical skills, such as software development, AI/machine learning, and cybersecurity.

The core objective of 3MTT is to establish a robust technical talent pool in Nigeria, ultimately powering the nation’s digital economy and positioning it as a net talent exporter. Minister Bosun Tijani, who oversees this visionary program, recently announced that it has already received over 100,000 applications.

To ensure the success of this transformative training program, a secure, compliant, and meticulously vetted infrastructure is paramount. This critical aspect has been entrusted to Prembly, a distinguished compliance, identity, and security infrastructure company, renowned for seamlessly ensuring trust for businesses, governments, and corporations.

The implementation of this infrastructure encompasses comprehensive identity verification, extensive background screenings, and a user-friendly interface. This has attracted countless Nigerians to participate in the program, fostering an environment of inclusivity and diversity.

With Nigeria’s population exceeding 220 million, it’s essential to note that the median age is just 17, constituting a huge proportion of the total population. This is why initiatives such as this sit at the heart of innovation and growth. Application rates continue to surge, with numerous positive feedback about the initiative and the infrastructural systems being used, all signaling an unprecedented commitment to a tech revolution by Nigeria for Nigerians.

“We are honored to be playing a pivotal role in enabling digital empowerment for the “3 Million Technical Talent” program; powering Identity Verification & Registration through our Infrastructure. This milestone reaffirms our commitment to harnessing technology for digital inclusivity and skills development. Together, we are shaping a future where every citizen has the opportunity to thrive in the digital age.” – Lanre Ogungbe, CEO – Prembly.

As the tech ecosystem in Nigeria continues to grow and the nation evolves into a talent hub for technological advancements and innovative solutions, Prembly remains committed to being the trusted verifier enabling economic development across the country.

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