Honorable Seyi Sowunmi Announced As Deputy Chairman Of House Committee On Local Content Committee For The 10th NASS

Politician and philanthropist, Honorable Seyi Sowunmi, representing the Ojo Federal Constituency of Lagos State at the Federal House of Representatives, has been announced as the Deputy Chairman of the Local Content Committee of the House of Representatives. This was revealed on Thursday, July 27, 2023 during the unveiling of the 134 standing committees announced by the speaker, Honourable Tajudeen Abbas.

A careful review of the List of Committee appointments shows that among the 24 representatives from Lagos State, a total of 17 were assigned committee chairman positions, making Lagos a significant contributor to the legislative affairs of the House of Representatives. Honorable Seyi Sowunmi however stands out as the sole Representative from the Lagos State under the Labour Party to be assigned as deputy chairman of a standing committee of the House, signifying the recognition of his expertise, sterling leadership and pro-Nigerian approach in achieving common goals for the betterment of the nation.

Other Representatives from Lagos under the Labour Party were assigned different roles in the Parliamentary Friendship Group. Parliamentary Friendship Group is a caucus or political group with the responsibility of maintaining cordial relationships with other parliamentarians from other countries.

The Local Content Committee plays a critical role in shaping policies and initiatives that promote the participation of Nigerians and Nigerian companies in the nation’s economic development and the utilization of indigenous resources in various sectors. The committee ensures they monitor and enforce the law that provides for preference to Nigerian citizens and companies in the procurement of goods and services in all sectors of the economy. It also seeks the transfer of skills and technology to Nigerians during  execution of projects where public funds belonging to the federal government or any of its agencies are used.

In the wisdom of the Selection committee constituted by the honourable speaker Tajudeen Abbas,  Honorable Seyi Sowunmi’s announcement as the Deputy Chairman of the Local Content Committee is a reflection of his ability to build bridges, foster cooperation, and drive consensus among diverse stakeholders. His peers recognize him as an inclusive and visionary leader who is dedicated to advancing Nigeria’s progress.

The Federal lawmaker from Lagos has since expressed his delight at the announcement, describing it as a reminder of the hard work there is ahead, “I am deeply humbled and honoured by the trust the House’s leadership and especially the Lagos Caucus in the House ably led Hon. Dolapo Badru has placed in me. I see this appointment as a mandate to work tirelessly towards ensuring that the local content policies and initiatives truly benefit all Nigerians, foster economic growth, and encourage the sustainable development of our great nation. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand how critical it is to support home grown skills and companies because their survival is critical to the development of Nigeria’s economy’, he said.

The Local Content Committee, with Honorable Seyi Sowunmi as the Deputy Chairman, will play a pivotal role in steering Nigeria’s progress towards greater self-reliance and sustainable economic growth. The committee’s mandate includes promotion of indigenous participation, ensuring the active participation of Nigerians in various sectors of the economy, reducing dependence on foreign expertise and creating opportunities for local businesses and individuals.

It will also enhance job opportunities, striving to create job opportunities for Nigerian citizens by encouraging companies and industries to prioritize the employment of qualified Nigerian professionals and skilled workers. Another responsibility expected of Honourable Sowunmi by virtue of his new position is to along side the committee Chairman and other members closely monitor the compliance of companies and industries with local content laws, ensuring that they adhere to the stipulated regulations and optimize the use of Nigeria’s vast natural and human resources, thereby strengthening the nation’s economy and reducing reliance on imports.

Honorable Seyi Sowunmi’s appointment as the Deputy Chairman of the Local Content Committee brings hope and optimism for the future of Nigeria’s economic development. His track record of integrity, diligence, and people-centric governance is bound to propel the committee’s efforts in achieving its goals and objectives.

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