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High-Earning Tech Business Ideas For 2022

High earning tech business idea
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When people think of business ideas, they think of high-earning ideas. Now, high-earning tech business ideas can launch out to compete amongst the likes of Google, Microsoft, etcetera.

BizWatchNigeria has the tidbits to help you out.

People can try out many ideas, but you have to try small and slowly build up the idea. Several of these companies started as SMEs by providing services people needed and evolved to what they are now.

The tech industry has evolved over the years. It is not news that the economy of every developing country comprises the majorly of tech businesses. New technologies emerge daily, and startups grow and get funding. As more businesses are founded, others are leaving the market for various factors, including having a shaky company concept.

Keep these three core points as you develop your business:

  • One who is durable throughout the long term
  • It would be beneficial if you thought about a suggestion for resolving an issue.
  • Think about a popular concept.
  • It would be helpful if you thought of a concept with future growth potential.

The pandemic has taught entrepreneurs to go online. It suffices to introduce this technological viewpoint into your company for it to survive. The results of startups and firms in 2021 have been impacted by the lessons many businesses have learned from this. Nevertheless, some of these company concepts will still be extremely viable in 2022.

High-Earning tech business ideas

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Many enterprises, including institutions, underwent transitions during the Covid 19 pandemic. They started including a feature that enables online communication that mimics in-person interaction. The technology could speak, write, listen, read, perceive, and analyse many phenomena. These have completely changed several other industries.

Digital marketing

This technological concept provides a more lucrative way to make money. There are many methods to make money because it is a broad tech industry that involves knowledge of many different abilities. By connecting brands with potential customers online, digital marketing uses the internet. They create plans and skill sets to aid a brand in achieving its objective.

Your team needs people with the following skills: graphic designer, content developer, and social media manager.

Web designing

Another tech company concept that won’t quickly go out of vogue in seeking high-earning tech business ideas is this one. A functioning firm without a website is rare. Many are seeking a website designer for aesthetics, usability, and enhancing the user experience. This impacts a website’s SEO results since Google can effortlessly crawl through every page and display the page when relevant keyword searches are done.

A website designer contributes to creating a website’s user interface and user experience.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


With many companies having websites today, search engine optimization specialists are essential. Ranking and conversion on the Google search engine are two of their major challenges. A provider of SEO services assists businesses with their Google search rankings. To help your website rank highly on Google, having an SEO specialist on staff is crucial.


One business concept that has been around for a while is this one. Research claims that e-commerce sales increased from more than $500 billion to $550 billion. Online product buying and selling are referred to as e-commerce. The well-known online retailers are Konga, Amazon, Shopify, Jumia, and Jiji. One may opt to begin small by utilising strategies like dropshipping.

This involves not having a physical store or stocking up on items, among other things.


Many other company concepts pale in comparison to this one. Do you possess exemplary and in-demand abilities, such as those of a graphic designer, virtual assistant, or content writer? This implies that you can provide a brand using your business expertise. In contrast to a 9 to 5, working as a freelancer allows you to set your hours. Additionally, platforms for freelancing have greatly facilitated the lives of artists. These include sites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.


The position of customer relationship manager or experience manager has grown in importance within the sector. By answering customers’ inquiries and recording their information, they assist in managing the relationship between a brand and its audience. Numerous third-party tools for managing consumer relationships aid organisations in managing their internet clientele.

Social media influencing

It is impossible to deny the power of a human or another human. It is normal to want or not want something based only on how someone explains it. By often tweeting about cryptocurrencies, Jack Dorey and Elon Musk support them. This increased interest in the use of digital currency. Being a credible Instagram influencer will help you change the audience’s perceptions. It will be beneficial if you can amass a sizable following and create a community that is always active.

Earning money has become simple because of platforms like Instagram and TikTok, thanks to endorsement deals, adverts, promotions, and products. You may want to start an influencer agency that aids in establishing connections between brands and influencers relevant to their objective.


There is a persistent argument that more people listen than reading. It’s also fascinating to note that since podcasting’s inception, its growth rate has increased. Many individuals are promoting podcast material on streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, and others.

Also, podcasters can make money through these platforms and even receive company product advertising. In a sit-down situation, podcast participants can speak aloud while debating topics or relating stories.

Website and app development

Having an internet presence is something that many businesses cannot do without. That’s where websites and mobile apps fit in. Many companies want to create one for their brand to facilitate customer engagement. You may convert it into a business and thrive if you have the talents of an app developer.



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