Hamas’ Attack On Gaza Killed Over 700 – Israeli Govt

CAN Condemns Israel-Hamas War

Israel’s health ministry revealed that over 700 Israelis have been killed, 100 have been kidnapped, and over 2,500 have been injured.

The rising death toll stems from Hamas attacks on Israel from Gaza on Saturday, as well as Israeli air strikes in reaction.

According to the Gaza health ministry, 370 Palestinians have been killed and 2,200 have been injured as a result of Israeli strikes. The Israeli government formally declared war on Hamas Monday, launching a huge counter-offensive against the Islamist militant group.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared the country at war on Saturday, but this was merely hyperbole. The Israeli cabinet’s decision on Sunday is an official decision, equivalent to a declaration of war by Congress in the United States.

According to an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson, Israeli troops have killed hundreds of Hamas fighters, injured thousands, and captured scores more.

IDF spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said the initial Israeli counterattack began at 3:45 a.m. local time Sunday (8:45 p.m. ET Saturday), with “tens of tons of bombs” dropped.

According to Hagari, Israeli troops destroyed roughly 800 targets, including Hamas launching pads, with 50 planes bombing 120 sites in Beit Hanoun alone and destroying all Hamas gathering centers there.

Support for Israel

Nigerian government calls for cease fire

The Nigerian government has called for a cease-fire hours after Gaza’s rulers, Hamas, started a multi-pronged assault.

Yusuf Tuggar, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, said in a statement on Saturday that the escalation between both countries will result in an endless cycle of agony and suffering for the civilian population, encouraging both parties to exhibit moderation and prioritize the safety of people.

He urged both parties to make accommodation for humanitarian concerns and to engage in conversation.

“The Federal Government of Nigeria, therefore, calls on both sides to exercise restraint, prioritise the safety of civilians and give room for humanitarian considerations. We are therefore calling for a peaceful resolution of the conflict through dialogue,” the statement read.

“The Federal Government of Nigeria is deeply concerned about the outbreak of hostilities between Israel and Hamas in the early hours of Saturday and calls for de-escalation and ceasefire.

“The cycle of violence and retaliation that the current escalation has assumed only serves to perpetuate an unending cycle of pain and suffering for the civilian population that bears the brunt of every conflict.

Pope Francis

The Pope has called for a cease-fire and peace.

Yesterday, Pope Francis called for a halt to attacks and bloodshed in Israel and Gaza, warning that terrorism and conflict would only add to the agony and death of innocent people.

“I express my solidarity with the relatives of the victims, and I pray for all those who are experiencing hours of terror and anguish. Let the attacks and weapons cease, please, because it must be understood that terrorism and war bring no solutions, but only the death and suffering of many innocent lives. War is a defeat, every war is a defeat. Let us pray for peace in Israel and Palestine,” the pope said.

US support

The United States backs Israel with a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

According to a White House statement, US President Joe Biden has “directed additional support” for Israel. According to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, a US Navy carrier strike group is on its way to the eastern Mediterranean Sea as Israel prepares for a large-scale campaign against Hamas in Gaza.

According to the ship’s social media, the USS Gerald R. Ford, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, was cruising alongside the Italian Navy earlier this week, near to Israel.

The carrier will be accompanied by two other types of Navy warships: guided missile destroyers and guided missile cruisers.


Following the Hamas assault, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak addressed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday that Britain stands “unequivocally” with Israel and that London is trying to ensure the world speaks with one voice.

“(Sunak) reaffirmed the UK’s unequivocal support for Israel in the face of these terrorist acts.” Sunak’s Downing Street office said in a statement following a phone discussion between the two leaders, “The prime minister offered Prime Minister Netanyahu any support Israel requires.”


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