Glo Announces Data Plans For Mecca Travelers

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Data roaming plans have been made public by Glo for Nigerians traveling to Mecca in 2023.

The telecommunications company claimed that this was done to give travelers a chance to connect with, record, and share special moments with their loved ones back home.

The business said that it has launched special Glo data roaming packages that allowed customers to use their data services in Mecca for N5/MB.

The telco announced in a statement that “travelers will get 3GB for N15,000 with 30 days’ validity, 1.25GB for N6,500 with 15 days’ validity, 600MB for N3,500 with 7 days’ validity, and 300MB for just N2,000 with 3 days’ validity.”

It specified that in order to take advantage of the promotion, a customer had to subscribe to one of its roaming packages by dialing *777# and choosing option 6 (data roaming). It was clarified that the data bundle could be bought in Nigeria, and that its validity would start when the user arrived in Mecca.

“Subscribers also have control over their usage and there is no worry about a surprise bill because they only use the services included in the bundle they have purchased,” it continued.

To help clients track their use of the paid data, Glo also makes sure they get consumption messages numerous times.

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