Getting Ready For A Date, Here’s What You Should Know

Getting Ready For A Date, Here's What You Should Know

Got a date you need to prepare for? Let us help you. The first impression is very important and it lasts long, some people judge based on first impressions. From there they decide if they want to be around you or not.

There are things that you should do while preparing for a date or outing, it would help you send the right message.

Confirm the location, date and time

Call or text your date to confirm the location, date and time for your lovely outing. This can help you prepare well, avoid being late and stay updated in case your date would like to reschedule.

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Personal Hygiene

It is important that you properly clean up and smell nice. Use mildly-scented shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Try to be a little more diligent in cleaning yourself than you usually are. You would not want to show up smelling or looking dirty right? Use the best smelling perfume, smell increases attraction and makes a good impression. Brush your teeth properly and be sure to floss. Also, do shave if required.


Select your outfit ahead of your date. Finding the right outfit takes time and a lot of effort. While selecting an outfit consider the location, the time and the weather. Make sure that your attire is comfortable and that it sends the right message.

Punctuality and transportation

Check the location, how long it will take you to get there and also confirm if your date will be picking you up. You do not want to be late on your first date. Do not worry, I have not forgotten about the traffic in Lagos State.

Clean your apartment

Imagine going to a dirty or smelly apartment, how would you feel? What would you be thinking about? Take time to clean your apartment, your date might end up in your apartment after the outing or before if he is picking you up. Your appearance would be contradicting if your apartment is dirty and smelly. You can get an experienced cleaner to help you out with the cleaning, this would reduce your workload and help you focus more on the date.


Before you step out, make sure you take along with you; cash and your debit/credit card. Even if your date ends up treating you, make sure you have the ability to at least offer to pay.

Charge your device and put it on silent mode

You might be a little tensed when your device is low, especially if you are expecting a call from your date. It is not advisable to go out with a device if it is low on juice, make sure you charge it. How will you locate your ride, our date or the venue for the date if your device is dead? Also, make sure that you put your device on silent mode. It might seem somehow to your date if you are constantly on your phone and if your attention is shifted. Put your phone on silent mode, if possible do not use your phone during your date and if you have to use your phone, be polite about it.


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