First-Ever Open Africa Business Forum To Hold In Moscow

The first-ever Open Africa Business Forum and the historic Russia-African business convection has been scheduled to take place in Moscow on February 2  2023.

The Open Africa Business Forum is a communication platform designed to enhance business co-operation between African and Russian industries. Many African countries have already confirmed their participation. These include Burundi, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Through the Open Africa Business Forum, Russian businesses are looking for new investment and partnership opportunities and the focus is on Africa because of its potential for economic growth. The first Open Africa Business Forum hopes to attract business and economic participants from both the private and public sectors from the entire African continent.

Registration for the Moscow event is now open on the Open Africa Business Forum website and registration is free for African delegations. During the event, each African company will have an opportunity to present their products or investment projects to the Russian business audience.

The African companies delegations will also have opportunities for sideline bilateral meetings with different Russian prospective investors. The Africa Business Forum has actively engaged the Russian Business Association, AFROCOM, as well as other influential corporations and the major embassies in Africa.

The event in Moscow will look at topics such as; Why Africa is the continent of the future, 10 reasons to start a business in Africa and Ways to increase trade turnover between Russia and African economies. Other topics during the Moscow convention will include Points of growth: Investment. Digitalization. Innovation and also business and economic experts will discuss Russian Trading House in Africa-Pros and Cons.

A discussion panel will also examine the road to Africa; logistics, taxation, financial transactions and support measures. Through the Open Africa Business Forum, Russia considers Africa as the continent of the future because of its massive investment potential across a spectra of social and economic sectors.

The registration link for the Open Africa Business Forum is: The partnerships being created by Open Africa Business Forum are key in strengthening trade and economic relations between Africa and Russia.

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