FG Unveils Plan for 100,000 Jobs Through 50,000MT NesGas Depot

In a groundbreaking ceremony held on Tuesday, the Federal Government officially commenced the construction of a 50,000 metric tonnes Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and propane depot, a project set to create 100,000 jobs. The facility, developed by Nesgas, aims to address Nigeria’s energy demand, mitigate environmental impacts associated with traditional fossil fuels, and contribute to overall economic growth.

The Minister of State for Petroleum Resources (Gas), Ekperikpe Ekpo, conducted the groundbreaking ceremony at the Oil and Gas Free Trade Zone in Onne, Rivers State. He emphasized the significance of the project in unlocking Nigeria’s abundant gas potential for cleaner, sustainable energy sources and economic diversification.

Ekpo, as stated by Nesgas, commented, “The private sector’s dedication to investing in infrastructure that will facilitate the storage, delivery, and consumption of clean energy is demonstrated by Nesgas’ development of this 50,000 metric tonnes LPG and propane depot.”

In addition to the immediate environmental benefits, the depot’s construction is expected to stimulate the local economy and generate employment opportunities nationwide. The employment impact will span the entire value chain, from construction to operation, promoting skill development and economic inclusion.

Assuring investors in the gas sector, Ekpo stated that the Federal Government is actively working on establishing transparent laws and regulations to attract more funding and ensure a level playing field for all market participants. He reiterated the government’s commitment to fostering an environment supportive of the gas industry’s expansion.

“As the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources – Gas, I am here to support the growth of the gas industry in Nigeria, but I am also an official supporter of this cause. Nigeria is endowed with abundant natural gas resources, and we must harness this potential to drive the nation’s socio-economic development,” Ekpo emphasized.

The Managing Director of Nesgas, Tunde Banjo, outlined the company’s mission to eliminate energy poverty in Africa through strategic investments in the sector. “As we embark on the groundbreaking of our latest project, the 50,000 metric tonnes LPG Onne depot, we are on a journey towards a brighter and more sustainable energy future for Africa,” Banjo expressed.

The event also marked the signing of partnership and collaboration agreements between Nesgas and Gas360, Modern West Advisory, and Hebron Gas Infrastructure Limited.

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