Eudoratech Unveils Smart HR To Revolutionise The HR Industry

Fast rising tech company, Eudoratech has announced the launch of its ground breaking software, SmartHR, designed to provide solutions to the many challenges bedevilling the HR industry and the ever-evolving workplace. The software was described by guests present at the launch during the 2023 edition of ICTEL Expo, in Lagos, as a leading innovation offering AI and predictive analysis capabilities to revolutionise how HR practitioners prepare for the future of work.

The CEO of Eudoratech, Tunde Success Osideko, who is himself a Senior HR manager with over 20 years of experience, during the unveil, highlighted some of the key features of the solution including its ability to employ advanced intelligence to analyse data, predict employee attrition, and recommend strategies to help users make well informed decisions. The software also streamlines recruitment processes, identifies top candidates and provides valuable insights into employee performance, engagement, and potential flight risks, empowering users to take proactive measures to retain and nurture top talent.

Asked what makes the software a viable solution for the industry, Osideko explained that SmartHR was designed as an answer to the challenges the industry currently faces and more importantly, the ones it will face in the future. He stressed that it is important that practitioners recognise the strength of technology and artificial intelligence and lend themselves to the many possibilities it offers.

“I am delighted at the response we are getting to this laudable innovation. The team has put tremendous effort and expertise into creating not just a software but a solution that tackles the complexities of today’s HR challenges and also prepares organisations for the workplace of tomorrow. For starters, we have two features; Smart Enquiry which is an AI-powered communication tool that encourages enterprise communication both internally and externally.  Another is Smart Shortlisting which helps clients to sift through applications to identify the most promising candidates using advanced algorithms and machine learning’ he said.

He added that the software will also offer a performance management system that encourages continuous improvement and personal development, that can align employees’ goals with the organisation’s vision while adaptive learning platform equips employees with the skills they need to excel in their roles, promoting a culture of continuous learning and growth within the organisation.

Eudoratech is an industry-leading AI technology company specialising in developing cutting-edge solutions for businesses across various sectors. Combining innovation, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Eudoratech continues to shape the future of AI-driven tools, empowering enterprises to thrive in a digital age.

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