EKEDC Promotes Employee Well-Being

The Eko Electricity Distribution PLC (EKEDP) is aware of recent negative media reports regarding the company and some members of staff relating to ‘ghost workers’. As EKEDP is committed to maintaining the highest ethical business practices, the Board of Directors took immediate action by mandating the HR Committee to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the matter. This investigation was initiated in response to allegations that the board was made aware of.

We can now report that the investigation has now been concluded. The findings indicate that the allegations of fraud, negligence, or conspiracy against our members of staff were unfounded. We want to emphasize that no evidence was found to substantiate any of the claims made against any member of our staff, Including our Chief Legal Officer, Wola Joseph-Condotti, Chief Audit and Compliance Officer, Sheri Adegbenro and Chief Human Resources Officer, Aik Alenkhe.

Moving Forward

EKEDP’s core mission is to provide reliable, and sustainable electricity distribution services. We remain focused on this goal and will continue investing in our network infrastructure, processes and people to deliver improved services that address our customers’ needs.

Serving over 700,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers across Lagos, EKEDP plays a vital role in powering economic growth and development. We will strive to maintain the utmost integrity as we execute our mandate

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