EdenLife CEO, Enegesi Announces Rebrand And Marketplace At African Startup Fest 2023

Innovative lifestyle tech company, EdenLife has announced its rebrand and the launch of Eden Marketplace, a centralised e-commerce platform that will redefine the landscape of online shopping for every lifestyle needs. This announcement was made at the African Startup Fest on November 11, 2023.

A 360 e-commerce platform, Eden Marketplace seeks to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers, addressing the pervasive issue of quality of products and services, delayed deliveries, alleviating the intricate supply chain challenges faced by MSMEs, and guaranteeing swift and efficient payouts for vendors. The Marketplace will provide readily available resources that cater to the diverse needs of the vibrant young Nigerian demographic, ensuring a seamless transactional experience.

At EdenLife, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what technology can achieve, and the launch of Eden Marketplace is an indication of that commitment,” said Nadayar Enegesi, Eden Life CEO. “Our rebrand signifies our evolution and dedication to 10xing the quality of your life , while Eden Marketplace takes that commitment to the next level, giving other dedicated vendors the opportunity to leverage on the infrastructure we’ve built over the years, giving our customers the opportunity to flourish – conveniently get more done’’

As a comprehensive hub for lifestyle needs, Eden Marketplace aims to be the go-to destination for a seamless and elevated living experience. It seeks to enhance the quality of life for young Nigerians who crave efficiency and convenience in their daily lives as they navigate the fast-paced lifestyle and environment.

Beyond facilitating seamless buying and selling activities, the e-commerce platform will also allow users to conveniently book a range of home services, including but not limited to food delivery, laundry, groceries, beauty, health and cleaning, all through an intuitive mobile and web application.

As schedules become even more demanding, more and more young Nigerians are seeking easier ways to navigate their daily lives while trying to achieve their life goals and ambitions, and we hope to satisfy those needs so they can focus on the other things that really matter to them  ,“ Enegesi added.

Founded in 2019, Eden Life has been committed to providing ease of life for young Nigerians grappling with demanding schedules, rendering seamless and stress-free services for mundane tasks. As a pivotal element of its rebranding, the lifestyle tech company is integrating new categories like groceries, pharmaceuticals, beauty in addition to its laundry, cleaning   and Homemade, its recently launched on-demand food delivery service, into the expansive domain of Eden Marketplace.

Eden Marketplace promises to be a catalyst in realising Nigeria’s e-commerce growth potential. In 2022, Nigeria’s e-commerce revenue soared to $3.1 billion, and projections indicate a substantial peak at $9.02 billion in 2023. With a robust 14.6% growth projection during the same period, the country’s e-commerce market is well positioned to significantly contribute to the projected worldwide growth rate of 9.6%.

Boasting about 70% of its population under 30 and 42% under the age of 15, Nigeria’s e-commerce landscape is poised for further rapid growth in the near future.

Eden Marketplace is now available to users,, ushering in a new era of convenience, accessibility, and innovative solutions for the dynamic needs of the Nigerian markets.

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