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Differences Between Your NASIMS ID And N-Power ID

Differences Between Your NASIMS ID And N-Power ID

Many N-power beneficiaries are unaware of the differences between the N-Power ID and the NASIMS ID, which is quite understandable, as the two can be misinterpreted.

However, in this post, we will be giving you the difference, although subtle, between the NASIMS ID and the N-Power ID.

The N-Power ID, given to all successful applicants of the social intervention programme organised by the government, comes in the regular ID form.

Basically, the N-Power ID shares the characteristics of the everyday ID card; this quality sets it apart from the NASIMS ID.

The NASIMS ID is not a physically distributed form of identification but a digital identification.

Beneficiaries, upon updating their records and prior to a test, are sent unique identification numbers through the NASIMS portal.

This number is what is used to confirm your presence, in a matter of speaking, making you eligible for the computer-based test (CBT).

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The NASIMS ID also gives you access to NASIMS’ portal, as that would enable you to take the test that would take you to the next stage of the programme.

How To Retrieve Your NASIMS ID

To retrieve your NASIMS ID, this is for those who do not have access to their ID, you can always do that on the portal.

What you can do is to try logging in to your NASIMS profile and scan for your N-Power registration number that starts with letters such as ‘NPWR’.

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