Current Labour Laws Don’t Reflect Reality – NLC

Current Labour Laws Don't Reflect Reality - NLC

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has said that the current laws governing, but not limited to, employment and work conditions were set during the colonial era and do not capture the many recent developments.

The Head, Research Department of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Onoho’Omhen Ebhohinhen, disclosed this to journalists on Tuesday at a media parley.

He described the labour laws in Nigeria as “archaic” and in need of domestication, in line with the protocols laid down by the Internation Labour Organisation (ILO).

Ebhohinhen highlighted the limitations occasioned by Nigeria’s labour laws on the average Nigerian employee, affecting productivity.

He stated, “Some of these laws were made during the colonial era and some during past military regimes.

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“You can agree with me that most of the Nigerian labour laws have become archaic.

“There have been so many developments in the country that have not been captured.

“The present labour laws impede workers’ growth and productivity.

“They are too restrictive and do not encourage the productivity of the Nigerian worker.

“We also need to domesticate some of the laws in conformity with the ILO requirements.

“We have concluded three stages of the process. We have held individual presentations at the NLC level; we had workshops with relevant stakeholders and we have met with the members of the National Assembly.

“After collation of all the submissions, we will put them together as draft legislation and present them to the national assembly for onward passage as a bill.”

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