Curacel, SHiiP Partner To Enhance Shipping Insurance Services

Curacel, SHiiP Partner To Enhance Shipping Insurance Services

Curacel, a leading provider of digital insurance solutions, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with SHiiP, a premier logistics and shipping platform. This partnership brings together the expertise of Curacel in insurance services and the innovative logistics capabilities of SHiiP to offer enhanced insurance coverage for SHiiP customers, providing comprehensive protection for their shipments and goods.

SHiiP is renowned for connecting individuals and small businesses with the best delivery options, real-time rate comparison, on-demand tracking, and seamless handling of shipments.

With this collaboration, SHiiP customers can now access Curacel’s Good-in-transit insurance, which adds an extra layer of protection to their shipments. Additionally, Curacel provides fire and burglary insurance coverage for SHiiP’s warehousing management software solution, ensuring that goods stored in warehouses are safeguarded against unforeseen events.

In the words of the Curacel CEO, Henry Mascot, “Our partnership with SHiiP represents a significant step in our commitment to offering tailored insurance solutions to businesses across various industries.

“We are delighted to collaborate with SHiiP to provide their customers with enhanced protection for their shipments and warehousing needs. This partnership exemplifies our dedicationmto innovation and excellence in the insurance industry.”

SHiiP COO, Ridwan Rsheed, added, “SHiiP has always been dedicated to simplifying logistics and shipping for our customers. Through our collaboration with Curacel, we are not only streamlining the insurance process but also ensuring that our customers can ship and store their goods with confidence. We believe that this partnership will further solidify our position as a leader in the logistics industry.”

With this partnership, Curacel and SHiiP are set to revolutionize the way insurance services are integrated into the shipping and logistics sector, providing greater peace of mind and security for businesses and individuals alike.


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