Crypto Platform To Train 1m Engineers In Nigeria

Within the next five years, a pan-African cryptocurrency trading platform called Mara plans to train one million engineers in Nigeria and other African nations.

The platform was created in Nigeria to help the cryptocurrency community flourish, according to Chi Nnadi, the company’s co-founder and chief executive officer, who talked with the media in Lagos.

Next month, the platform will conduct a hackathon highlighting Mara’s academy, he added, and they’re committed to educating interested people about crypto and programming.

“There will be hackathons every quarter of the year, starting from this September. We want to educate a billion Web3 developers in Africa and train one million,” Nnadi said.

According to him, Mara’s goal is to promote a more equitable distribution of wealth by offering a decentralised alternative that cuts beyond nations, classes, tribes, and cultural boundaries.

Nnadi said, “Our goal is to close the gap in opportunities for sub-Saharan individuals and establish a financial infrastructure upon which they can build their lives.”

He claimed that teams work round-the-clock to assure Mara’s backend security regarding the platform’s security.

Nnadi, on the other hand, pointed out that the platform already has a virtual asset licence in the UK and that they were working on obtaining one in Hong Kong as quickly as possible.

Speaking about how the platform, which just raised $23 million in pre-seed funding, may be used to establish the crypto community and the young of Nigeria, Nnadi said: “We are going to raise more money on token next year to construct more in Africa.”

The CEO also revealed that more tokens would be published after growing the Mara community.

Speaking about the regulatory procedure, he stated that the company was prepared to cooperate with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and adhere to essential regulations to ensure the platform’s success.

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