Coalition of Northern Groups Call For Buhari’s Resignation Again

Buhari Calls For Protection Of Citizens' Right To Choose Their Prefered Form Of Govt

President Muhammadu Buhari has been asked again to resign by the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) over the worsening security situation in the country.

The group accused the President of failing to protect the lives and properties of Nigerians citing the security threat bandits pose in the home state of the President, as well as, other Northern states, as the reason Buhari stopped marking Salah at his country home, Daura.

CNG stated that against this backdrop, it has become necessary for President Buhari to resign. It also listed poverty, unemployment, inequality, and corruption as factors that have had a negative impact on the country, particularly the Northern region.

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The group’s North-west Zonal Coordinator, Jamailu Aliyu Charanchi delivered a message during the Salah celebration with the title: ‘Failed Presidency: Buhari Should Resign Now’, claimed that President Buhari also failed to “create jobs in addition to soaring debt levels and mega corruption scandals which have continued unabated.”

He also stated in the message that Buhari may have had good intentions for the country and its citizens before he took office, in his six years as President, Buhari has failed in the vital area of providing security for the nation.

Charanchi further stated that the series of unchecked attacks on communities and schools, mass abductions, incessant killings in the president’s own State has exposed the state and the entire North to dangerous crimes.

He said: “Northern Nigeria, from where Buhari extracted most of his votes in the 2015 and 2019 elections in the hope that its people can live secure lives, and its children can live in a nation they can be proud of, today bears the brunt of his bad governance more than other Nigerians.

“The North has under a presidency that tends to run away from threats, been virtually abandoned to the mercy of a rampaging insurgency, spreading banditry, kidnapping and other crimes that appear to sense and exploit the huge vacuum in the political will and capacity to challenge them.”

He added: “This unacceptable level of exposure of Northern communities to dangerous crimes is such that even Buhari fears to dare celebrate the Salah in his native town of Daura.”

He lamented over what he described as the deteriorating economic status of the country, saying the country depends on loans to stay afloat.

He added: “The poor policies by Buhari’s economically failed administration of continuing to make the poor poorer and exposing the vast majority of Nigerians to everything that makes life difficult for people.

“The economy is not creating jobs for the youth. Nigeria is a country where some people have captured the state and are treating it like a personal property and that is why after amassing loans in trillions we are still borrowing, because all the monies are stolen.”

He regretted that Buhari and his administration had, in the last six years, shown a glaring incapacity to confront the nation’s multiple and intersecting challenges like unemployment, poverty and growing sense of frustration and idleness, compounded by a general and pervasive insecurity, particularly in the North.

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