Chrisland School: Pamilerin, Cute Kimani Speak On Child Influencing

Chrisland School: Pamilerin, Cute Kimani Debate Child Influencing

Since the video of a student of Chrisland School, having sexual misconduct surfaced on the internet, there have been controversies surrounding parenting and child influencing, as her Likee page was uncovered.

On the minor’s Likee page, there were sex-appealing pictures and video content that critics claimed shouldn’t have been created by the pupil. Although, while the page still exists, the contents have all been deleted, leaving it empty of posts.

With her sex-appealing content, the Chrisland School pupil has been able to en masse no less than 12,400 fans, which qualifies her as a child influencer on social media.

Putting perspective on who a child influencer is, a Digital Marketer, who preferred not to be mentioned in this report, explained that such a person has to be a minor, and must be able to not only catch people’s attention but also trigger them to react.

However, while the Chrisland student qualifies to be a social media influencer with the clout she controls on Likee, a short video creation, and sharing platform, there have been concerns among members of the public relating to if a child should be allowed on social networking platforms.

Sharing his sentiment on the matter, renowned Twitter influencer Pamilerin Adegoke, in an interview with BizWatch Nigeria, said there’s nothing wrong with child influencing provided that it is controlled or being supervised by an adult.

“All these applications have what we call age limits. The Chrisland girl must have lied about certain information, including her age, while she was registering herself on Likee.

“Because really, you can’t open some apps unless you are 18 and above. So when you are opening those kinds of apps and you are below 18, then you have to lie. I’m not against child influencing in any way but it has to be with total monitoring.

“Children shouldn’t be trusted entirely with social media. As a parent, you have to be there to see whatever they are doing. For instance, on DSTV we have what they call the kids’ corner. You can always set what they see and what they do, which is normal,” he stated.

Like Pamilerin, Esther Adekeye, otherwise known as Cute Kimani, said child influencing should be encouraged, adding that minors should be trusted as it relates to making decisions on their own.

Her words: Social media are dangerous places for children these days. Child influencing should be encouraged. However, because the subjects are children, they cannot make decisions themselves.

“They need adults’ guidance. I don’t expect that a child who’s an influencer should have access to social media. It is the duty of the parents to help them in creating content and putting it on.

“I don’t see any wrong in children exploring their God-given talent and earning income too. Parents need to be careful of what their children are exposed to.

“It is the job of parents and adults to protect the children by educating them and keeping eyes on them.”

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