Bridgerton Emerges Netflix’s Biggest Series, Top 10 in Nigeria

Bridgerton Emerges Biggest Series On Netflix

Bridgerton, a period romantic drama series, has emerged the biggest series ever on Netflix with the Season 2 of the show already in the works.

About 82 million households around the world watched Bridgerton in its first 28 days, Netflix said in statement on Wednesday.

The show has made the top 10 in Nigeria and other countries, except Japan, hitting number one in 83 countries including the US, UK, Brazil, France, India and South Africa.

Indeed, the success of Bridgerton has prompted the books into The New York Times best seller lists for the first time, and 18 years after they were first published. 

Netflix said the record-breaking show is an indication that all kinds of audiences love romance.

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It said, “Romance books have always sold incredibly well. But these stories have rarely made it onto the screen. Daphne and Simon’s “will they/won’t they” love affair, combined with the opulent costumes and settings, created a world into which members of all backgrounds and ages could escape. 

“Bridgerton has shown that romance can be smart, dynamic, bold and yes – universally appealing.”

Bridgerton, like ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, defies tradition, and demonstrates that period dramas are not limited in scope or audience.

The show is a fictional portrayal of London in 1813 that lifts the facade of Regency life.

According to Netflix, Bridgerton took a seed of truth about Queen Charlotte’s background to reimagine her as a Black monarch using her power to affect broader change in British society.

It added that the empowerment of people of colour and women made Bridgerton feel accessible and contemporary, resonating with audiences all around the world.

“Like ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ and ‘Emily in Paris’ – two other hugely popular Netflix series – Bridgerton draws upon themes that are universal yet speak directly to women because they feature independent-minded female protagonists in lead roles,” Netflix said.

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