BridgeGap Introduces New Technology To Help Recruitment

A company called BridgeGap has introduced 56 Bridge, a recruiting software, to streamline the application process for jobs and lessen obstacles for businesses during the hiring process.

According to a statement, the app was introduced in Lagos with the goal of helping businesses employ top talent from all around the world.

It was also mentioned that job seekers could submit applications, take exams, and go to interviews from the convenience of their homes.

Chiedozie Egbe, Director of Marketing & Business Development at BridgeGap Consults Limited, addressed at the unveiling of the special features of the app.

He said they include, “Job postings that allow organisations to post jobs for potential applicants; employment tests where recruiters set tests for job seekers and video interviews, where interview questions are set and candidates can take such interviews from any location.”

Egbe claims that users of the app are entitled to several perks, including automatic profile and CV generation, job applications, video interviews and the ability to record such interviews, as well as interview alerts.

“The app allows applicants to save jobs which they are interested in and apply later,” he said.

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