Bill Gates: Elon Musk Could Worsen Twitter

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American billionaire, Bill Gates expressed worry that his counterpart Elon Musk, who’s now the new owner of Twitter may worsen the micro-blogging site.

With Musk becoming the owner of Twitter having purchased it with almost $43 billion in cash, the investor has been subjected to criticism ever since, as it relates to his business model and approach to running the company.

“He actually could make it worse,” Gates said at an event hosted by The Wall Street Journal.

He, however, expressed his reservation about Musk, saying he has a proven track record, which makes him someone that cannot be underestimated.

“That’s not his track record. I mean his track record with Tesla and SpaceX is pretty mind-blowing at putting together a great team of engineers and taking the people who work in those fields in a less bold way and really showing them up. I kind of doubt that will happen this time, but we should have an open mind and never underestimate Musk.

“If all you need is money and hiring great engineers, he’s probably as good a person as any,” he added.

Criticising his free-speech commitment, Gates queried: “How does he feel about something that says vaccines can kill people or that Bill Gates is tracking people? Is that one of the things he thinks should be spread?”

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