Biden Certified As US President By Congress

This Is A Day Of History, Hope - Biden

President-elect Joe Biden has been certified by the United States Congress.

Biden’s certification follows weeks of pushbacks from the Republican quarters and pro-Trump supporters and from the incumbent President Donald Trump himself who has peddled stories of a rigged election.

His certification comes amid the raucous caused by Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol to halt the certification process, leading to the death of a demonstrator who was shot in the chest.

Biden defeated Donald Trump in the Nov. 3 election, beating out Trump with 306 votes from the Electoral College – a candidate requires 270 votes to cross the threshold – leaving Trump with 232 votes.

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Congress’s certification of Biden presented a challenge, as Republicans worked to thwart the votes favouring Biden in Arizona and Pennsylvania, both swing states.

However, Republican lawmakers who echoed Trump’s statement regarding the rigging of the election against the outgoing president rowed back on their statement following Wednesday’s insurrection.

Biden’s certification as president will make him the 46th President of the United States, and the oldest president to attain the position in the country.


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