BCG, Others Commence Beach Clean-up, Advocate Climate Awareness

Boston Consulting Group Nigeria (BCG), Recyclan, and HB Imagino collaborated on a beach clean-up to reduce plastic waste pollution and provide jobs for women in the sorting and gathering of plastic debris.

The purpose of the experiment, according to BCG, was to increase awareness of the negative effects of inappropriate garbage disposal in drainages, rivers, seas, and oceans on the environment, health, and climate.

The activity took place at Oniru Beach in Lagos.

The exercise was done in honor of World Health Day and in accordance with the firm’s climate action and social impact mission, according to a statement.

Partner and Head of BCG Nigeria, Tolu Oyekan, said, “We are deeply concerned about the increasing rate of pollution of our water bodies as these wastes contain dangerous chemicals that find their way to the global food chain.”

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