Akeredolu Asks FG To Label Kaduna-Abuja Train Attackers Terrorists

Akeredolu Asks FG To Label Kaduna-Abuja Train Attackers Terrorists

The Governor of Odo State, Rotimi Akeredolu, has stated that attackers of the Kaduna-Abuja rail track must be treated as terrorists.

Suspected bandits bombed a section of the Abuja-Kaduna rail track last week, shattering the window of the driver’s compartment.

Akeredolu who spoke at the 27th Nigerian Economic Summit on Monday stated that certain criminal activities must be “appropriately addressed” as terrorism.

He noted that a country with a failed security and justice system is already on the path of failure, while stressing that multi-level policing is the best way to secure the country.

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Speaking on the security situation in Ondo, Akeredolu said the state is not battling terrorism but farmer-herder clashes and kidnapping.

“In Ondo state, we don’t have terrorism. Our problem is farmer/herder clashes and kidnap for ransom. We have drug abuse and agitation for self-determination,” Akeredolu said.

“We have always preached multi-level policing in Ondo State. We believe in layers of security.

“Yes, you have trespassed. Criminal trespass on other people’s land or farm. It falls within the purview of matters that should be treated by the state.

“But, all we had before Amotekun was a police system that had the duty to arrest and was not prepared to make an arrest. Things are changing and have really changed in Ondo state.”

Commenting on the anti-open grazing law enacted by some southern states, Akeredolu insisted that the culture of nomadic pastoralism must be discouraged.

The Ondo governor said the issue of grazing routes is not a welcome idea, adding that grazing routes were initiated in the past and that times have changed.

“Speaking for those of us who have put in place anti-open grazing law. We have our reasons and we have no apologies. Grazing routes? Grazing routes to where? It is not going to work,” he added.

“There are things we had in the past. Don’t let us imagine it now. Time changes. Grazing with AK 47 is an assault. Ban on open grazing, we are doing it effectively in Ondo state.

“Nomadic pastoralist is not a new thing. There were nomadic farmers all over the world. I know of people, high ranking who have ranches today. They can showcase their cows.

“Why are we pushing these people out. It is a culture that must be discouraged in the interest of those who are involved. Even with the president’s order that anyone with Ak47 should be arrested, how many have been arrested?”

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