7 Profitable Skills To Learn In Nigeria

7 Profitable Skills To Learn In Nigeria

Skill acquisition is the art of learning to do something in order to earn a living and or to survive. Skills acquisition is very important in this era, jobs are not easy to get by and it is crucial to do what you are passionate about.

The rate of unemployment is on the rise in Nigeria, acquisition of skills is a way to combat the rise of unemployment.

Fashion Designing

Fashion design is a form of art dedicated to the creation of clothing and other lifestyle accessories. Fashion design is the art of applying design, aesthetics, clothing construction, and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. There is a great need for fashion designers especially in our society where we have owambes, occasions, etc.

7 Profitable Skills To Learn In Nigeria
7 Profitable Skills To Learn In Nigeria

Digital Marketing

There is a great need for digital marketing in this digital and technology era. Digital marketing and even social media marketing is a great skill that is profitable and very relatable.

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Makeup, Jewelry

Another profitable skill is makeup and jewelry making or selling. Makeup and jewelry is a thriving business everywhere especially in Nigeria, makeup artists make a lot of money from beautifying women for events or even a photoshoot. Most of us wear jewelry which is a beautiful way of endearing/beautifying yourself.

Hair Styling

Hairstyling is another way of making a statement, it beautifies you, makes you look younger and it highlights your appearance. We all love to look good by making sure that our hair is properly kept or made. Hairstyling is a great skill and a way to make money. Hairstyling is a respectable job that rakes in money every day; home service, hair making, cutting of hair, dying of hair, and so on.

Web Designing/Developer

Technology has made it easy for us to get information about what we want, how to get to a place, information about a business, online shopping, and so on. From your house, you can contact any business, making a request, or sending feedback. Web designers or developers are sought after even in Nigeria, they are the ones that make it possible for a company to have an online presence and be able to reach their customers.


Photography!!! Every day we take pictures, we capture amazing memories and we send a message using pictures. Photography is a great skill that you can earn money from, you can start by taking pictures with your phone if you do not have a camera. Editing is a bonus skill, if you are very good at editing pictures then your income increases.


The movie industry grows every day, so does the need for cinematographers. Cinematography is a great way to make money, the Nollywood and Hollywood industry is thriving and the call for cinematographers is high.

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