5 Ways To Recover From Your December Spending

5 Ways To Recover From Your December Spending

The year 2020 has come and gone, mostly to many people’s joy, but one thing transitioned into the new year with them, an almost-drained bank account, with thoughts of how to recover from all the spendings in December.

If you close your eyes you probably can still hear the loud celebrations, the fireworks and the smell of jollof and chicken.

The past year was one that many wanted over quickly because of the stress that rode on the back of the pandemic.

Lockdowns, curfews, face masks, the need to constantly be aware of one’s sanitary practices: don’t touch your face too often, use a hand sanitiser, wash your hands often and for 20 seconds.

All the above-mentioned wore people across the globe down. And the end of the year needed to be celebrated, so many dipped into their accounts to say good riddance! But that celebration is over and we are left with the question: how do I survive the month of January? You’re not alone, and this is something this article will be addressing, if you stick around long enough.

Careful Spending

This goes without saying. To survive the month of January, you would need to make sure that before you make any purchase, no matter how little, you will need to think twice, and then a third time before you conclude on making that transaction. Remember, January is usually a combination of three months in one – its length is a deliberate attempt at reminding us of the errors from the previous month.

Sell Off Holiday Gifts

This might seem like a low-level recuperation method, but if you are serious about staying afloat this month, it just could be the path to take. The only problem is that not everyone received gifts during the Holidays but if you were among those that did, Jumia is a download away.

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Side Hustle

To recover the money you have spent, at least most of it or more, you could look into getting a side hustle, something that would support your current job so that you can pay off whatever bills are threatening your mental health. Get on Fiverr, drive for Uber, among others.

Plan Ahead

The best way to ensure that you do not find yourself in this same situation net year is to begin planning ahead. You could track your spending by making a budget, even Nigeria budgets so that she doesn’t spend beyond what is available.

No Gifting

December is over and Santa has closed shop. This month you need to be frugal. No Mr. or Mrs. nice guy, you need to know into what places and hands your money will be going. Cinch that financial belt tighter if you want to make it through the month of January.

Hopefully, the points in this article have been eye-openers on how best to sail smoothly through the month of January. Remember, another holiday awaits you at the end of the year, make sure not to make the same spending mistake as last year.

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