5 Ways to Get Your Boss to Send You on a Cool Trip


One of the perks of civil service is that on certain occasions, workers get to go on cool trips either for work, meetings, training or team bonding exercises. The thing about these trips is that it is usually for a select few who have proven to be the best candidate for the opportunity.

So, you are a civil servant,  you want to get drafted for a really cool trip most of your colleagues have been canvassing for, but you do not know how to convince your boss to let you go…leap for joy, Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site has got you covered! Here are 5 ways you can convince your boss that that sending you on that cool trip is a smart move.


Compose a strong, concise proposal

This may sound a little over the top, but it works all the time. Writing a proposal not only keeps your thoughts organized, it most times also impresses your boss, as it shows that you have done your homework and you take the opportunity seriously.  However, remember to keep the proposal short, relevant, and possibly witty.

Aptly defend your case

When you get the opportunity to speak to your boss about the trip, explain how the trip will not just be beneficial to you but to your company as a whole. Also, preemptively offer solutions to the downsides and offer solutions to them. If you  leave your boss to resolve the concerns that may come up by himself, there is a chance your request would  less likely be granted. For instance, if the cool trip is  for a training class that is not inclusive in your company’s budget, point out how the new skills you will gain from the training will save the department from hiring outside contractors in the future.

Portrait Of Happy African Businessman Sitting In Front Of Colleagues

Suggest but do not force

Do not kick up a fuss about going on the trip, this will mark you out as a ‘bad egg’ and possibly kill your chances of being nominated for any other trip ever again. Make your suggestions subtly, but very clearly and do not take any rashes decisions in the bid of proving you are the best nominee for the trip. Also, ensure you get the timing right before making your requestEnsure you consider the full landscape your boss is dealing with before you make your request. If your company is in the middle of cost-cutting or laying off staff, you may just want to stay mute.

Stay enthusiastic

Enthusiasm, passion and Energy are infectious and they have a way of opening a lot of doors. Before you set out to convince your boss about the trip, ensure your aura exudes confidence and enthusiasm, that way your boss will be more inclined to comply and give you what you are asking for. No matter how nervous, channel the nerves into excitement and it will certainly give off a positive vibe. Try not to overdo it though lest your boss views you as an “ass-kisser”.


If you get a ‘No’, find out what it would take to change it

No matter how cheerful you are or how well-put-together your proposal is, there is still a chance that you will get a “No”, and sometimes, you need to be prepared to accept it. However, if you are -like Abraham Lincoln- determined, you could ask your boss what it would take to get a positive  answer. If the response is something you can quickly tackle, you may still be up for the trip, but if not, you can take the advice for the future.  For instance, if you’re turned down for limited budget, you could either offer to pay for your own fare or you apply early for priority consideration when the next opportunity comes.


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