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Unilever To Empower 500,000 Women In Africa By 2025

Unilever Nigeria

According to Category Manager for Homecare Oladapo Oshuntoye, Unilever West Africa aims to empower at least 500,000 women in Africa by 2025.

Oshuntoye revealed that thousands of rural women have already been empowered in Nigeria since the launch of the Shakti programme in 2004.

This empowerment came in the form of seed capital in the form of Unilever products, business training, and funding for women, improving the livelihoods of rural areas. He said that by 2025, 500,000 women would be empowered in Africa by the Sunlight brand.

“We are excited to reaffirm our commitment to empowering more women in Nigeria as it truly unifies our efforts to deliver more to Nigerian women, both inside and outside the home. We look forward to launching more activities that meet African women’s different needs in business.

“Across the country, Sunlight continues to do more through various programmes that empower women-owned businesses and move the needle in limiting barriers to success,” he said.

“Sunlight believes that supporting women-owned businesses across all stages of their entrepreneurial journey will help shift the general, usually limited; perception society assigns them.

“We want to do our part in unlocking their potential so that they can thrive and contribute to a bold narrative about women’s success both in and outside the home,” continued Oshuntoye.


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