NIN Registration: Here’s What Will Happen If You Do Not Link Your SIM

NIN Registration: Here's What Will Happen If You Do Not Link Your SIM

Following the directive of the Federal Government of Nigeria for all Nigerians to link their National Identity Number (NIN) with their Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards, telecoms have appealed to their customers to beat the deadline.

The agency in charge of the management of identity and NIN registration which is the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) ordered all Nigerians and diplomats to comply with the directive of risk having their sim card cut disconnected.

The Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy on December 22 announced the deadline extension for mobile phone lines and National Identification Number (NIN) pairing by telecoms operators.

Linking of NIN with SIM cards helps the FG identity users and subscribes of telecomms in Nigeria, it also encourages Nigerians to register for NIN.

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What Will Happen If You Do Not Link Your SIM Card

If you do not link your NIN with your SIM card, either you have your 11-digit number (NIN), your line could be disconnected or banned till you provide your NIN to your network provider.

Not linking your sim card means disobeying the orders given by the FG, which could warrant extra stress. To purchase a SIM card, you have to provide your NIN, also to replace your sim card, you need your NIN.

BizWWatch Nigeria reported that the Federal Government released a policy for telecommunication service subscribers to replace lost, stolen, misplaced, or damaged SIM cards using their National Identification Numbers (NIN).

This policy according to National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is part of the Federal Government’s efforts to reduce the burden on subscribers and simplify the exercise of retrieving lost SIM cards.

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How To Link Your NIN With Your SIM Cards

You can easily link all your sim cards to your NIN following these steps:

GLO Portal, USSD Code For NIN, SIM Linkage

GLO Nigeria in a statement released on its official website disclosed the official portal for the NIN and SIM linking. Click to register:

To link your NIN using USSD, dial *109#, enter your NIN 11 digit number then you should get a message informing you if it was successful.

Glo subscribers can send their NIN to 109, or dial 109NINdigits#.

Airtel Online Portal, USSD Code For Linking NIN With SIM Cards

Airtel Subscribers are to use the USSD code, 1211# to link their phone numbers to their National Identity Number (NIN) or follow this link to link their sim online.

How To Link Your MTN SIM Cards With Your NIN

MTN subscribers are to dial *785#, you would be given the option to input your NIN, after sending your NIN, you should get a confirmatory message.

To link your NIN with your MTN SIM card online, follow this link

9mobile: NIN and SIM Card Linkage

9mobile subscribers are to dial *996# and follow the instructions to link their NIN with their SIM Card(s) or go to

After linking your NIN, you should get a confirmatory message informing you that your SIM Card has been successfully linked with your NIN.

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NIN Registration Centres

To see all licensed NIN registration centres in Lagos follow this link, for NIN registration centres in Abuja click this link and for other states click here

NIN Registration Centres: Easy Way To Know If NIN Is Successfully Linked To Your 9mobile, Airtel, MTN, Glo

BizWatch Nigeria on January 20, 2021 revealed how telecomm subscribers can confirm of their NIN has been linked with their SIM cards.

To find out click here

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